Virtual Credit Cards - An Ideal and a Safe Alternative for Regular Credit Cards

Now-a-days, things have been quite simpler and easier due to the online facility. Now folks purchase many products online that saves energy and time. Gone are the days when one has to visit a store to buy something.

Virtual Credit Card Can Add Complete Freedom in Shopping

With this new era of trading comes one answer to a customer’s dilemma of requiring a credit card to buy his/her orders online. Welcome to the world of prepaid virtual credit card. These cards are safer because these are normally not the main card of the handler. Instead, these are only substitutes to the real cards and can be utilized virtually. These cards help to avoid being naive to online frauds. This prepaid credit card can be used to buy from anywhere online like Google, Paypal, eBay, Amazon, iBill, etc.

Prepaid Virtual Credit Cards Attracts Many People All over the World as It Shows a Variety of Privacy and Safety Benefits

Modern encryption methods and online safety parameters/protocols like SMPX, SSL etc. are now there to guarantee the extreme security of one’s monetary transactions. As an added measure of safety the idea of virtual credit cards has long been familiarized. People buy virtual credit card specifically to use over the net and are considered as a safe mode of online dealings. The best thing with these credit cards is that one can themself set the extreme credit limit, the specific online area from where to shop and the expiry date. This means there is no possibility of fraud or of the card being tainted. It is just an additional layer of safety to shield the credit and the identity of clients who decide to purchase online.

Now One Can Enjoy Online Shopping with Virtual Credit Cards

A virtual credit card functions different as compared to a normal credit card. Among the major differences between these two is that the virtual card does not have a physical form. It is called as a non-plastic prepaid credit or debit card that one can use for his/her financial dealings. But it also comprise all the information that one can find in a normal one like name, the expiry date and the card number. It can also be a Master or a visa Card. Another sole feature of the virtual credit card is that it occurs with a 16-digit virtual number which can be used only for a single purchase.