Interactive Ward Lovett

Hall Green Begins to Make Greyhound Racing Cool

Greyhound racing has been a familiar part of Northern British working class culture, and it is one of the few elements of that culture to escape a renaissance in the last 20 years. Sadly, it has remained resolutely uncool. However, major changes in greyhound stadiums across the country are starting to change this, and the sport seems to be entering a new era of glamour and accessibility.

Perry Barr Stadium Brings Greyhound Racing Into a New Era

Any fan of greyhound racing can easily explain why they find it so enjoyable. The palpable excitement as their dog tears around the track and the incredibly atmospheric roar in the stands as hundreds of people cheer for their dog to win are commonly cited reasons to have a night at the dogs. But some greyhound stadiums around the country are reinventing the sport, keeping all the atmosphere and excitement while adding a touch of sophistication to a previously gritty experience. Announces Exclusive Nights Out at Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium

Greyhound racing has been experiencing a renaissance. After spending much of the last 15 years in a steady decline, supported only by the hardcore racing community, the public is finally starting to appreciate a night at the dogs again. Perhaps newly refurbished venues are adding a touch of glamour to the sport, or maybe cash strapped families are looking for a good value night out. Whatever the reason, it seems greyhound racing is perceived as cool once again..