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Belfast's 'Fine Art of Furniture' Draws Attention to Interior Essentials

An exhibition at the Museum of Ulster has recently opened, titled 'Crafted: The Fine Art of Furniture'; highlighting how furniture and tastes in home interiors have developed over three centuries. The exhibition is especially important as it allows people to see what is outdated, compared with pieces from the past that still would typically be regarded as 'desirable'. The significant impact of international influences is also shown, highlighting a brilliant human history of furniture. It is expected that many furniture providers will be paying heed to this furniture celebration and ensuring they offer models accordingly.

Link Between Lack of Sleep and Kidney Disease Is Revealed: Interior Supply Comments

Many people are aware that poor sleep routines can be detrimental to our health. However, recent research has indicated a link to specific conditions aggravated by lack of sleep – such as kidney disease. Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital carried out a study which involved 4,200 women and considered sleep alongside their health. Results indicated that those who slept for less than 5 hours a day had a greater risk of developing kidney disease.

Having Fine Furniture Online Matters to Consumers: Interior Supply Comments

Recent figures released by Statistica reflecting on 2014 highlight some interesting information regarding furniture-purchasing trends. It was shown that the biggest proportion of those interviewed, 43%, bought furniture from a provider whose site they had visited. This emphasizes that an attractive online presence is important and highly valued in terms of making interior choicesa. In turn, the best providers will strive to provide a quality online experience.

Consumer Spending Experienced an Increase in July, Interior Supply Comments

Premium European furniture suppliers, Interior Supply, have recently commented on the Office of National Statistics report, which reveals spending was on the up in July, thanks to a number of factors.

Online Shopping Remains Dominant in 2015, Interior Supply Responds

Leading import furniture store, Interior Supply, has recently commented on the news which reveals online shopping remains the leading source of sales for companies, with unprepared businesses struggling on the high street.

Study Finds That People Are Happier in Natural Interior Design

A recent study led by an organizational psychologist has revealed some important results for those who are conscious of their living or working space. Take the office for instance, the results suggest that a space with natural elements reports a 15% higher level of wellbeing, 6% increase in productivity and a 15% rise in creativity overall. These natural elements can include natural lighting through the use of more windows and plants. In fact low lighting, and a lack of natural light was linked to employee stress and very low readings indicating unhappiness.

Interior Design Influences Your Psychology

Recent research conducted on housewives in Iran suggests that the quality of the interior of your home and a lack of suitable interior decorations could have a negative impact upon your health and wellbeing. Researchers collated data on 250 housewives within the cosmopolitan city of Ardebil in Iran and found that dissatisfaction with the interior of their home and a perceived lack of interior decorations was associated with reports of greater stress and a lower quality of life. Furthermore, the self-perceptions of housewives contributed to relative satisfaction or dissatisfaction in life, where researchers found that the women perceived themselves as worse off than their peers. They also expressed a dissatisfaction with traditional home designs.

Psychologist Discusses the 'IKEA Rage Test', Interior Supply Responds

Leading UK supplier of European furniture, Interior Supply, have recently commented on the 'IKEA Rage Test', which was coined by psychologist Ramani Durvasula, an idea that constructed the furniture often causes break ups.

Milan Furniture Fair 2015: Interior Supply Reflect

Recent coverage of the Milan Furniture Fair has caused much discussion in the furniture industry, with a number of key implications for homeowners; especially those passionate about interior design. The Milan Furniture Fair is the biggest event of its kind in Europe, and draws inspiration from across continents. The furniture fair itself closed on the 19th April and showed popularity and interest with over 400,000 visitors recorded.

'Home + Interiors 2016 Predictions': Interior Supply Comments

Recent news from Pantone LLC, also known as the global authority on color, has risen in prominence – including emphasizing certain shades as being potentially popular for 2015 and 2016.