International Investigators, Inc.

Undercover Operations Find Missing Inventory, Information and Profits

When a company suffers losses due to employee theft, inventory loss, abuses of benefits and embezzlement (shrinkage), getting to the bottom of that loss can mean all the difference in a profitable year over a break-even year. But what’s a manager or CEO to do when the source of the lost information, inventory or profits cannot be found?

Indiana Private Investigator Offers International Clout In America’s Heartland

You might expect to find a seasoned international private investigator only in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles. But for Indianapolis–based International Investigators, Inc., a Midwestern perspective has significant advantages in both price and location.

International Bang for a Midwestern Buck Is Real Value, Says Indianapolis Private Investigator

When it comes to hiring private investigators for a wide variety of investigative tasks for private, business and legal purposes, maintaining a fair “midwest” price while offering international experience and resources has become a critical point of difference for one Indianapolis-based company. International Investigators Inc. provides local, regional, national and international private investigator and technical surveillance countermeasure services for a host of industries and professions.

Lie Detection and Polygraph Services Have Their Place In The Investigative World

But one Indianapolis based company insists there’s a real and valuable place for polygraph services and lie detector tests in the investigative world.

Legal Investigation Services Can Make or Break a Case for Litigants

Attorneys and legal investigations are no strangers to one another. But oftentimes, outside agencies like Indianapolis-based International Investigators Inc. provide legal investigation services that are the difference-maker in legal cases that range from product liability and white collar crime to workman’s compensation fraud and criminal defense.

Phone Tap Advisory Issued by Indianapolis PI

Public interest in the field of phone tap detection has heightened in recent months due to concerns about President Bush's wiretapping policies. As a long-trusted expert in the phone tap detection industry, Indianapolis PI, Tim Wilcox, has been fielding numerous queries about the subject. Wishing to arm the general population with a proper understanding of the real issues, he has published some helpful facts to clear up confusion, especially about cell phone tapping.