IPHostMonitor Inc

IPHost Network Monitor Can Now Support Up to 5,000 Monitored Items, Fit for Larger Enterprises and MSPs

Now one copy of the software running on an average office computer can monitor some 2,000 network resources. With more recent hardware IPHost Network Monitor can support up to 5,000 monitored items depending on a monitoring system configuration.

Web Transaction Monitor – an Affordable Tool for E-Commerce Sites and Web Applications Monitoring

Web Transaction Monitor is designed for end-to-end monitoring of web applications and e-commerce sitesmonitoring of web applications and e-commerce sites such as internet shops. The tool simulates the steps of real user activity so it is able to monitor what’s up with the real user experience of an online shop or enterprise web application. The tool notifies interested persons (by email, SMS, instant messenger) if performance becomes unacceptable or downtime occurs.

Iphost Network Monitor - Free Monitoring Solution Implementation Consulting for Customers

IPHostNonitor Inc. informs that every customer buying IPHost Network Monitor from May till September can receive extended support for a year free of charge.

IPHost Network Monitor - Enhanced Web Transaction Monitor and SNMP Traps

IPHost Network Monitor v3.1 has been released. Web Transaction monitor enhanced functionality, SNMP Traps for real-time alerting have been introduced.

IPHost Network Monitor -- New Distributed Network and Server Monitoring System With Remote Network Agents

This release introduces Remote Network Agents, allowing IPHost Network Monitor to track hundreds servers in separate networks from a single point. Remote Network Agents may be used with SNMP, WMI, HTTP, Oracle, PING and many other protocols.

Timely SMS Alert from Network and Server Monitoring System Can Save a Major Headache

New add-on for IPHost Network Monitor, popular server and network monitoring software, is available. The add-on allows sending SMS (text message) alerts via GSM modem or phone attached to a monitoring server.

New E-Business Monitoring Tool – Web Transaction Monitor Simulating the Steps of Real User Activity

A new e-business monitoring tool is available. With Web Transaction Monitor users can check web applications availability and performance characteristics. It's now possible to record a user session in the browser and IPHost Network Monitor’s Web Transaction Monitor will regularly check the operability of a recorded scenario, log all problems it finds, and issue alerts.

IPHost Network Monitor: Special Christmas Discounts up to 25% on Network and Server Monitoring Software

ITelSib Ltd. announced a discount program to purchase the IPHost Network Monitor software with the discount of up to 25% from the list price. The offer valid from 7-th till 24-th of December, 2009.