IPO Village

Crowdfunding Website IPOVillage.com Announces More Than $2 Million in Pledges.

“This is just beyond tremendous,” said IPO Village Mayor Howard Orloff. “This is absolute proof crowdfunding is a major force in the investing world. It is more proof that investors are ready to take advantage of buying stock directly from businesses without having to go through Wall Street, big banks and investment firms. We are ready to take these investors and put their money to work in small businesses.”

Invitation for a Free Crowdfunding IPO Analysis

For Immediate Release Crowdfunding gets boost as Twitter invited to use it to launch initial public offering On the news that Twitter was considering going public, the social media giant is being invited to sidestep the expensive Wall Street initial public offering (IPO) process and take its stock direct to the public from the start. IPOVillage.com, one of the internet’s largest direct-to-the-public initial public offering (IPO) companies, sent letter to Dick Costolo, Twitter’s CEO. The letter encourages Twitter to take its IPO direct to the public so the public will see the greatest benefit and return. The letter can be read at ipovillage.com/ipo-village-blog/open-letter-twitter-ceo-dick-costolo . The letter has generated considerable interest in the financial world. Companies previously not familiar with the crowdfunding option for an IPO are now seriously considering the option.

Crowdfunding Services Owner Makes Direct Plea to CEO of Twitter

Howard Orloff, mayor of IPOVilliage.com has reached out personally to Twitter.com CEO Dick Costolo about turning Twitter public. Orloff wants Costolo to forgo traditional routes and instead turn to crowdfunding for help on the IPO or DPO.

IPO Village Receives CAPS Accreditation

IPO Village, an online site dedicated to crowdfunding Nasdaq Initial Public Offering at pre-IPO share prices, was recently accredited by the Crowdfunding Accreditation for Platform Standards (CAPS).

IPO Village Elects a Crowdfunding Mayor

IPO Village, ipovillage.com, announced today that Howard Orloff has been appointed as Managing Director, or “Mayor” of IPO Village.