iPracticeMath Covers More Than Just the Basics with an Extended Curriculum

LogoFor many students in the United States, math is consistently reported as one of the most difficult subjects to learn. Teachers do their best to aid students in the classroom, but oftentimes one teacher cannot dedicate as much individualized time as they may wish to. iPracticeMath, an online learning program, is dedicated to finding the additional help that students need to polish existing math skills and to learn new ones. Available to students in grades K-9, iPracticeMath features specialized programs that cater to each grade and skill level.

iPracticeMath Makes Summer Math Exciting

LogoWith summer here, doing math probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. For some, it's a mandatory chore and, for others, a chance to refresh or get ahead. Either way, math doesn't have to be dreaded or ignored; it can be something to look forward to – something fun and exhilarating! No one knows how to better make this a reality than iPracticeMath. With nearly five years of pioneering a new way to experience math education online, iPracticeMath boasts an enormous repertoire of exciting and challenging ways to learn math.

iPracticeMath Expands Its Curriculum and Web Presence as It Raises the Standard for Math Education

LogoAs crucial as math is to individual development and a stronger society, it is severely undertaught in the United States as compared to a great number of other developed countries around the world. iPracticeMath has been working tirelessly at remedying this issue and doing everything it can to bring kids of all ages up to speed by offering programs that are effective, can be done from the privacy of home, and even allow for parental participation – making math something rewarding for the entire family.

iPracticeMath Offers Online Quiz Creator to Test Students' Aptitudes

LogoMathematics is the subject upon which much of our society is built upon. As a discipline, math is one of the building blocks of society, a vital fabric of the economic structure. Unfortunately, America has historically lagged in this subject, falling behind other developed countries year after year. Most recently, the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) revealed that the United States is currently being outperformed by no fewer than 29 nations and other jurisdictions. Fortunately, one company is working hard to reverse those trends by offering math help, coupled with parental involvement. iPracticeMath is an online resource for parents, students, teachers, and tutors – providing mathematical assistance for all grades and ages. The latest arrow in their quiver is an online quiz creator: effectively allowing teachers to generate subject-specific tests that are tailored to help students to grow and learn. Educators are given the ability to create a quiz and monitor the level of understanding of their students with absolute ease.