Isota Releases New Version of ABCSpell for Outlook Express

Isota LLC, a leading provider of spell checking software products, released a new version of ABCSpell for Outlook Express. The new version features two major enhancements: an improved word suggestion engine and Internet-7 compatibility for the online word-lookup feature using Merriam-Webster's dictionary. Both new features are accessed directly from Outlook Express' right-mouse menu for instant availability.

Isota Announces Accuspell 2008, Real-time Universal Spell Checker for Windows

Taking spell checking technology to a new level, Isota LLC today announced the release of AccuSpell 2008, its most innovative spell checker for Windows applications. Using cutting edge technology, AccuSpell 2008 lets users perform real-time spell checking, auto-corrections and thesaurus searches across almost all popular Windows applications. This allows a single spell checker and set of custom dictionaries to work for all applications on the user’s PC, providing the ultimate in consistent, economical, and comprehensive writing tools.