It Just Works

It Just Works Supplement Launched to Do an Inside Job on Every Body's "Stink" with One Pill a Day

LogoSo, whoever thought that a vegan deodorant would put the skids on body odor and then go viral in twenty-four hours? Packing a wallop with two million views and counting on TikTok, a newly-launched little capsule with the power trio Chlorophyll, Organic Parsley, and Mint has sufficiently come to play. That's right, the new natural deodorant that works is in capsule form. It's also quite literally called, It Just Works. Could it be any plainer? The happy chorus of customers that take one a day says no, it is that simple. It Just Works eliminates body odor at the source, unlike topical deodorants, washes, powders, and breath mints that mask only the stench. New best natural deodorant, anyone?