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New Freemium Study from iYogi Insights Reveals 42 Percent of Consumers Purchase Products and Services After Experiencing Them for Free

A good Freemium experience is key to motivating customers to buy improved versions of a product, reveal iYogi insights. The trend is also catching fast- on last count 42 percent customers opted for the Freemium option.

iYogi Is Recruiting 1,000 Tech Support Engineers in the United States to Launch On-site Tech Support Services

iYogi, the leading independent provider of on-demand remote tech support services, today announced that it is expanding its service delivery capabilities from remote to onsite by adding local Tech Support Engineers to its base of 5000 remote tech experts. iYogi has launched Business NonStop, a platform to recruit and deploy local on-site tech support engineers with skills across a broad range of technologies including computers, networks, consumer electronics and security products.

Al-Futtaim and iYogi Launch Remote Tech Support Services in Middle East

iYogi, the leading independent tech support company has launched remote tech support services in Middle East. iYogi Certified Technicians are available 24/7 to provide technical assistance for consumers and businesses across GCC states in the Middle East.

63percent of US Households Spend More on Technology Bills Than Utility Bills

iYogi, a leading remote tech support company published a recent research report so that you can have deeper understanding about the technology usage and monthly spend on services. This survey report shows that 63% of US households spend more on technology bills than utility bills.

iYogi Launches Free Tech Support for Apple Devices

This Black Friday, iYogi provides free setup and install support for various Apple products including iPads, iPhones, iPods and Macs. In addition to this, the company offers free assistance for content transfer, e-mail settings and wireless connectivity. iYogi Certified Technicians are available 24/7 for troubleshooting all the technical issues related to Apple devices.

iYogi Reviews: Top Five Free Apps to Find the Best Deals This Black Friday

iYogi Reviews’ report summarizes the top five shopping apps this Black Friday, designed to add real fun to your shopping experience. With these apps, it is easier to find products and discover great value deals when you are on the move. These apps make it easier to stay organized on this busiest shopping day. We, at iYogi suggest you to download free Black Friday apps on your smartphone.

iYogi Reviews: Top 5 Halloween Apps for Smartphones

Want to learn more about the spooky applications for Halloween on your smartphone? Visit iYogi website and read iYogi Reviews on top 5 such Halloween apps mainly for iPhone, iPad and Blackberry phones.

iYogi Reviews: Top Five Computer Infections

The new series of iYogi Reviews highlights the top five computer infections and their post affect on our computer systems. It precisely educates our customers about the mentioned infections in detail and further how to safeguard your systems from the same.

iYogi Reviews: Wi-Fi Hotspot Security Gaps

With more and more people using the net, the rate of its misuse is becoming far too common. To make users aware of the dangers of using Wi-Fi hotspots, iYogi reviews the inherent dangers in this practice and lists steps on how users can stay safe while surfing in public places.

iYogi Alerts: Inheritance Scam

iYogi Alerts about the ongoing Inheritance scam in order to enlighten you of the tips and identification methods regarding the upsurge in such online spam e-mails and scams. This scam fools people by convincing them that they inherited some money, property, etc. from their far-off relative. To know more, visit iYogi website.