Jamu Lodge

Forest Lodges Ensure Comfortable Stay in Cuyabeno Reserve

The Amazon Basin rainforests are the world’ s most exciting places with a rich biodiversity unequalled in its sheer variety of flora and fauna besides the incredibly majestic and ocean like water body that is the stately and untamable Amazon River. Worshipped by the ethnic Indian tribals, revered by tourists, travelers, and environmentalists and nature lovers, the mighty river surges, unmindful of the mud mounds that hamper its inexorable course. The water is mud brown on account of the ceaseless deforestation due to felling of trees for commerce making it look from the air like the Great Wall of China.

Ecotourism Protects Amazon Biodiversity

Tourism is a fall out of man’s inexhaustible wander lust and unquenchable thirst to see and experience new pastures and life styles. Exotic and distant lands have always intrigued the human nature and mysterious forests, majestic mountains, and the roar of the cascading cataract have constantly haunted the mind of man from time immemorial. Modern day tourism and the modern tourists have undergone radical transformation from the loose footed traveler of yesterday. Today’s tourism is an entirely new proposition with all the frills and other paraphernalia of modern day living. Tourism is big business now looked after by large players in the field and managed professionally like any other mega business.

Explore Cuyabeno While Staying in the Beautiful Eco-Friendly Jamu Lodge

The Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve consists of lagoons, rivers, hundreds of species of birds, monkeys and incredible trees; therefore it is a favourite place for visitors. During season times, thousands of travellers and adventurers from all over the world come to enjoy the beauty of this highly preserved reserve in Cuyabeno. Jamu Lodge is situated in Cuyabeno, Ecuador where tourists will get all facilities for staying, eating and other activities. The Cuyabeno Lodge is situated beside the Cuyabeno River and offers the atmosphere of a remote jungle to customers. A number of affordable accommodation packages are provided to travellers by this Amazon rainforest lodge.

Plan a Memorable Trip to the Cuyabeno Reserve

Jamu Lodge is a privately owned eco lodge situated in the Cuyabeno Ecuador. In the effort towards its policy of reducing the negative impact that modern living generally has on the earth’s system of natural resources, the waste water from the lodge is treated with natural bacteria and enzymes. In addition, solar panels aid in producing electricity and in operating the telephone available at Jamu Lodge. As the website says, “Our belief in true eco-tourism is intended to make your stay as comfortable as possible, while preserving the beauty of the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve for the future.”