Jason Rosete Film

Jason Rosete Film Collaborates with Atmos FX to Create Paranormal Activity Portrait Prank

Halloween is coming, which makes it open season for the horror genre, as people look to be scared out of their wits by powers that exist beyond their everyday experiences. Halloween always generates a deluge of great online content, but one producer in particular has raised the bar this year. Horror comedy channel Jason Rosete Film has partnered with SFX gurus Atmos FX to create The Ghost Dimension Digital Portrait Scare Prank, inspired by the Paranormal Activity series.

Jason Rosete Film Releases Zombies vs Mayo Comedy Horror Short Free to View on YouTube

Online video has revolutionized the way in which young filmmakers both create and promote their work, and it allows video professionals a level of creative expression that was not previously possible. This does however mean that filmmakers are now competing against more content than ever before, so one has to be bold to stand out. Jason Rosete Film has established a strong following by creating loving spoofs of horror conventions, and has just released their most ambitious short to date, Zombies vs Mayo.

Jason Rosete Film Creates Free to Use Video Christmas Card to Toast the Christmas Season

Videographers have more technology at their fingertips than ever before, and video is being used for a variety of tasks thanks to multiple accessible online platforms. Right now, the trend for Christmas videos is reaching an all time high, and many people choose to send a fun, short video message in lieu of a Christmas card. Jason Rosete Film has produced a video combining dazzling photography of some of the world's most famous places with state of the art particle effects to provide a Christmas message with a difference.

Jason Rosete Film Launches Kid Friendly Halloween Scare Film on YouTube in Time for the Weekend

Horror films always have their peak around Halloween, when the supernatural and the living dead come to captivate people’s imaginations as the nights get darker and the air gets colder. Finding horror films that will scare children without being legitimately terrifying is difficult however, and parents who want to give their kids a scare without scars have to look long and hard. Jason Rosete Film has created a new Funny Scary Movie for Halloween Night that is sure to keep the kids entertained and help the holiday maintain its terrifying form.