Joblanda Launches Increased Efforts Combating Mounting Lay-Offs in Nigeria

Reports released earlier this year reveal more than 1.3 million Nigerians suffered job losses during the second quarter of 2015 alone, bringing the country's total unemployment rate to greater than 6 million individuals. A few among the companies partially responsible for this increase are IrokoTV, Deal Dey and Rocket Internet-owned Jumia, once considered major employment opportunities for the country's workforce. In an effort to combat these statistics, Ifemidayo LayGiri of staffing and education advancement advocate Joblanda has launched increased efforts to work with those affected by Nigeria's diminishing employment availability.

Joblanda Joins the Fight Against Rising Unemployment with Job Vacancy Listing Website

As of July 2015, the Nigerian National Bureau of Statistics estimates at least 8.2 percent of the economically-active population in Nigeria is currently unemployed. For the country of Nigeria, this means more than six million people are actively looking for work but cannot find any. This not only has a serious impact on individuals and their households, but it can affect the country's economic growth as well.