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Home Valuation Guide Launches to Revolutionize Market with Free Home Valuations for All

The property market is all over the place right now, and it can be difficult to get a handle on exactly how much a property is worth as homeowners feel their real estate is undervalued while the headlines talk about a bubble about to burst. As such, there is considerable anxiety amongst homeowners who want to know the true current value of their property. Many services offering valuations cost money, but Home Valuation Guide ( in Australia is revolutionizing the market by offering accurate valuations free of charge.

Pink North Expands Their Shipping to All of North America and the World

In recent years, people have become increasingly aware of the ethical problems surrounding conflict diamonds, or blood diamonds as they are sometimes known. In 1996, a film of the same name was even produced starring Leonardo DiCaprio which drew more attention to the issue. As a result, many people are now conflicted over whether to use diamonds in their engagement ring. Thanks to Pink North, there is another way. The Canadian based studio produces diamond engagement rings with materials that are ethically sourced from Canada, and is now shipping worldwide for the first time.

Bikini Body Guides Publishes New Review of Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide 2.0

The obesity epidemic is coming at a grave cost to this generation, with diabetes skyrocketing and more people than ever fighting a losing battle to control their body weight, much less reach the kind of body they've always wanted. Bikini Body Guides is a website that aims to start a revolution by giving women control of their contours, and regularly reviews health and fitness programs. Their latest review covers the new Bikini Body Guide 2.0 created by Kayla Itsines to make her program more effective than ever.

Love and Buy It Expands Range of Gift Products Available as the Holiday Season Approaches

Halloween is coming soon, and once it's over, the madness begins. While many people look short-sightedly towards their costumes for the popular autumn party, those in the know are already looking to get a step ahead of the game for the holiday season that is just beyond the horizon. Stores are already in preparation, ready for the rush. Love and Buy It ( has expanded its range significantly to offer the best possible selection of gadgets and goodies, ensuring individuals get the best possible choice at unbeatable prices.

Safecar Launches New Guide to the Factors Affecting Car Insurance Rates

It is illegal to drive a car without insurance, because the consequences of a vehicular incident can be devastating, with lives at risk and thousands of dollars of damage capable of being inflicted in even a relatively minor collision. Most drivers however manage to successfully navigate the roads without causing an incident, and as such they are keen to get their insurance premiums as low as possible. Online motoring magazine Safecar is committed to helping people increase their road safety practices and attitudes, and has just published a new and comprehensive guide to getting the best insurance premiums available in their state.

Tenerife Forum Publishes Guides on the Island's Waters with Orcas, Snorkeling and More

Tenerife is the largest and most heavily populated island of the seven Canary Islands, visited by some five million tourists every year, and is home to areas of stunning national beauty like the Teide National Park. In addition the islands are a perfect spot for exploring the warm waters on the coast of the North Atlantic, right by the coast of Africa. As a result, Tenerife has many aquatic wonders to explore and discover, and Tenerife Forum has posted about just three of them in its latest website update.

Niv's Bling Launches New Website and Is Featured at Fourth Annual Dripz & Whipz Event

Jewelry is often connoted to be classic, diamond, pearl and gold items worn by high society types, delicately fashioned and elegantly understated, the preserve of an aging elite. Bling on the other hand takes the same precious metals and does something more audacious, pugnacious and ambitious with them, allowing a younger generation to place their stamp on jewelry and make bold statements. Niv's Bling is all about the latter, and what better place to feature this business for outspoken luxury items than the Dripz & Whipz custom car show in San Jose, CA.

Cheques Plus Launches New All in One Corporate Solutions Service for Wide Range of Industries

Cheques are essential to the cash flow of almost every company in the world, from banks and financial services to the youngest startups. Getting business cheques printed has traditionally been a significant investment, having to match the stringent guidelines of the Canadian Payments Association (CPA). Now however, Cheques Plus is offering affordable, pre-printed and customizable computer cheques to make financial processing easier and more affordable than ever. They are now offering full-service corporate solutions for business cheques.

ThermosTastic Launches to Provide Comprehensive Guide to Modern Digital Thermostats

Fall is here, and that means the hot days of summer are fast waning. Soon, it will be time to get the heating on again, and energy prices continue to spike, costing homeowners more and more each year in order to pay their bills. A thermostat can help people intelligently control the heating in their homes to optimize the amount of warmth and minimize the energy used. ThermosTastic is a new website that helps people find the best whole home digital thermostats on the market, and has launched with a review of the best offerings from 2015. Publishes New Guide on Luxury Cars Available for Less Than Twenty Thousand is helping people get their dream car for the price of a used Sedan with a new editorial, which explains which luxury vehicles are now available for under $20k.