Johnny Delirious Presents Treatment Options for Those Suffering from Liver Disease

The liver provides many functions in the human body, ranging from the detoxification of harmful substances taken into the body to the storing of glycogen, a form of sugar, until it is needed. "When the liver fails to function as nature intended, the risk of disease increases, including the risk of hepatitis, jaundice and cirrhosis. With the help of The Delirious Recovery Program, the effects of numerous liver diseases may be reversed," Johnny Delirious exclaims.

Author Johnny Delirious Launches Latest Ebook Detailing Encounter with the Greys

An estimated 4 million people in the United States alone have reported being abducted by aliens. While numerous extra terrestrial entities are believed to be the culprits in such incidents, a species known as the Greys seems to be the most commonly encountered. Though skeptics tend to chalk such occurrences up to sleep paralysis due to similar symptoms between the two experiences, a few differences are key in determining whether an alien abduction or sleep paralysis has taken place. Explaining these factors in the midst of recounting his own brush with the Greys, author Johnny Delirious has launched his most recent ebook entitled Cocaine Addiction CURED.