The Wicked StepMomster Wants Moms Doing Less While Kids Do More

Toss out all of those serious parenting references and every book that dictates the best way to rear children. The Wicked Stepmomster, in her maiden offering, Fat Kids Can’t Clean Chimneys: How To Turn Your Sack of Lazy Into Works Like Crazy ( Amazon ), has penned an indispensable and funny (slim and tipsy) volume in a series that promises to make you re-think everything that Parents Who Want To Be Liked have said and done. In concise, tweet-like form, this book encourages adults to live instead of sacrificing themselves upon the pyre of bake sales, soccer games and Suzuki classes. A chore done by a child is a drink sipped by an adult. Buy this book, let your child labor force make you a martini and watch as the joy in your life and your free time multiply tenfold.