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Joseph Potashnik and Associates Provides Medicaid and Medicare Fraud Defense

LogoThis year the United States citizens witnessed Medicare and Medicaid enforcement actions unprecedented in their scale both in terms of the number of targeted professionals and organizations and the amount of allegedly misappropriated funds. In June 2017 a joint action of the Medicare Fraud Strike Force and Medicaid Fraud Control Units resulted in over 400 health care providers arrested on charges of Medicaid or Medicare fraud of $1.3 bn total. Surely, not all of the arrested were then brought to court, some allegations turned out to be ungrounded. Still, this is a great example of how a person become a target of criminal investigation though absolutely innocent.

Joseph Potashnik and Associates Provides Tax Fraud Defense

LogoFrom its office on Madison Avenue, NYC law group Joseph Potashnik and Associates helps NY and NJ individuals and organizations in tax-related criminal investigations.

Joseph Potashnik and Associates PC Provides Consultation to Medicare Advantage Insurers

LogoFounded in 2006, Joseph Potashnik and Associates PC has a team of established attorneys who specialize precisely in government-funded healthcare programs fraud cases. The lawyers represent both Medicare and Medicaid program beneficiaries and providers, as well as private insurers who provide Medicare Advantage Plans.

H-1B Visa Fraud Defense at Joseph Potashnik and Associates PC

LogoThe United States public has already seen some changes in immigration policies undertaken by the current administration. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been dealing with matters of immigration enforcement far more aggressively in recent months. This affects both employers and immigrant workers, as there are far greater numbers of the FDNS (Fraud Detection and National Security) worksite visits. On top of that, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has also been performing more I-9 audits. In light of all these activities by the US authorities, there is a far greater number of related investigations and government lawsuits.