Joshua Steinberg

Joshua Steinberg Surprises the World with His Stratospheric Furniture Designs

LogoJoshua a leading interior decorator is taking the world of interior design to an extreme level. As he introduced his new line of luxury furniture collections that transcends the old fashion trend of furniture designing. Takes on What's Hot and What's Not in Interior Design of 2016

LogoSome people make it a point to refurbish their homes every year and some who are in the process of building their dream abode would also want a sophisticated and elegant design that is in vogue in 2016. Home design trends and concepts change each year and renowned interior designers also have their own unique ideas and perceptions about what's going to look fab and glamorous in 2016. Shares the Distinctive and Stylistic Interior Designs That Will Rock 2016

LogoThe world of interior design has evolved through the years with diverse and unique concepts each year. Some of the designs are a fusion of previously conceptualized styles while some are the improved version of the previous fashionable and chic trends. Interior designers are the geniuses behind the artistic vogues that have been hitting the fashion and lifestyle magazines and shows all over the world. Discusses "Technorating" as a Fast-Growing Trend in the Realm of Digital Interior Decoration

LogoWith the modernization of the world, so too has the interior design industry become digital not just with the way the furniture and decors are being produced and manufactured, but, of course, the utilization of digital designs itself. For one, the use of the digital signage has become more than just a signage when integrated into the world of interior design. Shares the 1970 Furniture Trends That Will Keep Haunting the 2015 Interior Design

LogoAccording to the latest US Census Board, the sales of the furniture stores in the US have reached the revenue of $37.1 billion in its first seven months this year. With the sales tracking of 6.6% that is more than what has been recorded in 2014, it can be said that the furniture store channel had a really amazing year. on the Aged and Current Interior Design Concepts to Bring Home Refurbishment to a Different Dimension

LogoWhat defines the latest vogue in the world of interior design has transformed from the extravagant designs to the inventive yet minimalist effects that could really set the mood and a really awe-inspiring design for every home. The basic idea is that it should be unique yet trendy and stylish that would wow everyone who steps in the home. on Revolutionizing Interior Design Through Inventiveness and Highly Creative Concepts

LogoInventoritis is a disease where people blindly follow an invention and risk all of their savings for their passion not knowing or having no idea on what exactly they are doing. This is what many people of today are getting risked at; people tend to be infected of this disease where its stubbornness is notorious for. There is no cure or any vaccine for this disease although, many successful inventors who have made their inventions commercialized and start making money found a way to be immune.