JT Spas Reaches 38,000 Happy Customers – And the Number Is Continuing to Grow

It can be said that there are a fair number of bathroom product and item suppliers in the UK, but no one is as popular as JT Spas. The source of the best bathroom products and items has acquired a reputation for the friendliest customer service and has the most secure site for online shopping. It also features some of the most famous names in bathroom furniture, suites, steam showers, vanity units, whirlpool showers, and bespoke shower cabins. In addition, it continues to satisfy many customers with its many deluxe offerings and even discounts. Having reached a whopping 38,000 customers, JT Spas doesn't look like it will stop anytime soon – and customers are more than happy.

JT Spas Adds to List of 'Sale' Items with the Addition of Bathroom Furniture, Showers, Baths, Vanity Units, and More

No one understands the importance of a well-designed and stylish bathroom more than JT Spas – it is, after all, a well-known leader when it comes to all kinds of products dedicated exclusively for the bathroom, whether it's baths, shower cabins, accessories, and so on. Recently, JT Spas released more than a few items on sale, including bathroom furniture, vanity units, and a lot more.

Walk-in Showers Now Start with Prices from as Low as 472 on the JT Spas Website

There are various reasons why more homeowners are opting for the walk-in shower enclosure today, and one of the main reasons is its safety. Walk-in showers make it easier for people with mobility issues to shower, and they are also perfect for young children. But it's not that easy to find a good selection of walk-in showers online – except when customers visit the JT Spas site, which now offers a broad collection of walk-in showers with prices that start from a mere £472.

JT Spas Now Offers Outstanding Discounts and More Diverse Models of Freestanding Baths

There are now plenty of manufacturers producing a wide array of freestanding baths, but it can be said that some of the most beautiful yet practical freestanding baths can only be found at JT Spas. The site features one of the broadest collections of freestanding baths, but it constantly updates the collection with even more designs and freestanding bath styles. Today, the JT Spas site features more outstanding discounts on its freestanding baths, accompanied by the latest and best models.

More Walk-in Shower Enclosure Sizes (With Lower Prices) Now Available Only from JT Spas

It's easy to see why walk-in shower enclosures have become the go-to shower enclosure for numerous customers, as this type of enclosure is safe, practical, functional, and attractive as well. JT Spas knows and understands exactly what its customers are looking for in their quest for the best and most ideal bathroom, and it now offers more walk-in shower enclosures in different sizes only from a premium manufacturer like Jupiter.

Walk-in and Wet Room Shower Enclosures from Jupiter Now Come with the Lowest Prices at JT Spas

Wet room and walk-in shower enclosures have become the enclosure of choice for more and more consumers in the UK, and this can be attributed to their practicality as well as functionality and innately modern appeal. Today, JT Spas, which has already proven its merit as one of the most reliable sources of different bathroom fittings and items online, delights its customers once again with the best and lowest prices for its widest walk-in and wet room shower enclosure range only from manufacturers such as Jupiter.

Offset Quadrant Shower Cabins at JT Spas Now Available for the Lowest Prices Ever

Summary: Whilst shower enclosures built from scratch are still popular, there is something else that is gaining in popularity as well: the pre-built or modular shower cabin or enclosure. These shower enclosures are easy to install, and they come with a whole variety of excellent features, including hydromassage jets. And today, at JT Spas, customers can avail of a brilliant discount for the offset quadrant shower cabin range, which now comes with the lowest ever prices.

JT Spas Releases Latest Range of Beautiful, Modern Freestanding Baths from Charlotte Edwards

The iconic freestanding bath has graced many a bathroom since time immemorial, and it's an undeniable fact that with a freestanding bath in one's own bathroom, the area and space is transformed and made more beautiful and luxurious. And today, JT Spas gives customers the unique opportunity to beautify their personal bathroom spaces with even more additions to its range of modern and gorgeous freestanding baths from Charlotte Edwards.

JT Spas Now Offers Two-Person Freestanding Baths from Venice Plus at Discounted Prices

Summary: The freestanding bath has already become an icon, signifying elegance and luxury, and many a bathroom has definitely benefitted from its addition. JT Spas is one company and supplier that knows how a freestanding bath can transform a bathroom's entire look and feel. Today it intends making more customers happy with its new range of two-person freestanding baths, only from Venice Plus.

Hydro Massage Shower Cabins from Lisna Waters Now Offered at Less Than £500 at JT Spas

Summary: The variety of shower cabins at a supplier like JT Spas is truly extensive. These practical and highly-functional shower cabins are built with some awesome features too. These features include massage jets, thermostatic sensors, glass shelving and more. And now, customers can take complete advantage of another sale offer from JT Spas, specifically for hydro massage shower cabins from Lisna Waters, which now sell for less than £500 at special discounted prices.