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Just Airsoft Guns Prepare for Overseas Expansion

Just Airsoft Guns, part of the JBBG Group are a leading world supplier of airsoft guns and accessories and are set to launch new offices and stores in both Ireland and the USA.

Plans for New Airsoft Centre to Open in Cardiff

Plans have been submitted to construct a large scale indoor Airsoft Centre, the first of its kind in Wales. If successful, the application to build the arena on St Catherine Park industrial estate in Cardiff would see the first long term Airsoft Centre for combat games using replica firearms.Airsoft has been popular as a team sport in the UK for a number of years now and players are tasked with taking out members of the opposing team by firing pellets at them. England is home to a variety of Airsoft venues but as yet, there are no venues in Wales.

Bill Proposed to Uphold Youth Involvement in Constructive Airsoft Sports: Just BB Guns Comments

Recent news has drawn attention to a Kansas House of representatives' bill which is proposing that youth organisations – such as scout groups and structured youth clubs – should be allowed to use school sporting facilities to participate in airsoft activities. Airsoft is the use of pellet-firing guns such as BBs. The bill suggests rising recognition that airsoft can be part of a constructive sport for young people – taking forms such as target practice – and can encourage the safe, responsible handling of guns.

Calls for Exciting Exercise on the Increase in the US: Just BB Guns Comments

The beginning of a new year is a time when many people look to embrace healthier lifestyles – with physical activity a big focus. Taking part in regular exercise is important not just for the body, but the mind too; a beneficial attribute in an often busy lifestyle. Yet recent reports have highlighted that domestic or 'typical' forms of getting fit – such as gym sessions and exercise DVD's – have come under increasing criticism. Recent statistics show that of 10 leading American exercise DVD's, the majority had unrealistic expectations and typically involved scantily dressed models using commanding language – which many find off-putting. That such research is taking place suggests a rising demand for something different - the want for physical activity which is thrilling rather than limiting.

2016 Is Set to Be the Year of More Sporting Hobbies Than Ever Before: Just BB Guns Comments

A report in the Wall Street Journal has drawn attention to the benefits of an active hobby or recreation; especially important as increasing numbers of people are expected to take up sports in 2016, as part of a New Year's resolution. One featured study showed that physical leisure activities at a health club contributed to higher levels of happiness as well as working against aging. Another highlighted that pleasurable physical leisure activities, if followed regularly, can contribute to lower levels of depression. This emphasizes that interactive and engaging sport activities are an important part of a healthy lifestyle: something industry expert Just bb Guns was keen to comment on.

3-Gun Nation Nationals Show Soaring Gun Sports Popularity: Just BB Guns Comments

Last month saw a great event take place in US shooting. The place was the US Shooting Academy just North of Tulsa and the occasion was the 3-Gun Nation Nationals – the ultimate gun sport event. This is part of the rising popularity of 3-gun matches, which seem to be talking the States by storm.

Airsoft Centre for Military Training Shows Popularity: Just BB Guns Comments

Airsoft guns and BB guns have been around for years, but only in recent years has it become so popular. Younger generations are jumping on board with military simulation games due to the rise of online console games such as Call of Duty. Not wanting to be left behind, the military have also joined in on the action.

Blind Veteran Takes Part in World Archery Championships: Just BB Guns Comments

Leading outdoor hobby store, Just BB Guns, have recently commented on the World Archery Championships, which featured a blind veteran taking the challenge. Although known for their gun equipment, Just BB guns were keen to give comment as also have a popular archery range and have an extensive selection of equipment.