A New Online Community Called JV ATTRACTION Has Been Launched to Connect and Promote Authors, Speakers, Affiliates and Coaches

October 2013, A new website has just been launched to connect and promote published authors, speakers, internet business coaches and affiliates. According to a number of sources, this new website is called JV ATTRACTION. Basically, JV ATTRACTION is an online community with an active social media group that gives insightful tips and pointers on how to promote products, attract ideal joint venture partnerships, and create a profitable coaching product from scratch. This latest development is by far good news for struggling affiliates and authors, as they can now get relevant and information from experienced and established authors, affiliates and coaches. On top of that, with JV ATTRACTION, they get a chance to connect with the most established professionals in their industry with much more ease. If you want to join and participate in the conversions in this new online community, visit the official website at http://www.JVattraction.com.