KAnalysis Launches Advanced Low-Cost IP Filing Platform "KA Filing"

LogoKAnalysis Consultant is pleased to announce the mega launch of their new online IP filing platform named KA Filing. KAnalysis Consultant is a distinguished intellectual property boutique firm with offices in Italy, UK, and India. As their just launched subsidiary, KA Filing comprises several top-notch Patent Attorneys, Patent Agents, Trademark Experts, Experienced Draftsmen, Paralegals and in-house investigators. The range of service offered by the company includes patents, trademarks, and drawings.

HDRlog Sarl Engages KAnalysis for Patent Licensing

LogoHDRlog, a young innovative company has engaged KAnalysis Consultant to monetize its patent related to a new HDR imaging methods. Inspired by astro-photography techniques, HDRlog has developed a unique image processing technique to create HDR images from video sequences. Our innovative technology is opening new doors in terms of shooting possibilities, removing the constraints of movement in HDR photography. While this new method for creating HDR images goes hand in hand with aerial photography (constant movement, high-contrast scenes and loads of video frames to use), it is also a valuable tool for photographers and videographers looking to extend their shooting possibilities. HDR+ can be used to get highly-detailed pictures in low light situations, turn video highlights into stunning pictures, convert series of images taken in burst mode into HDR pictures, recover old video footage and even create HDR videos from standard video files. Together with Kanalysis' research and business team, now HDRlog is opening its technology for licensing purpose and will invest this revenue in further development of technology.

KAnalysis: Roy Fang's Fight to Protect His IP Rights Beyond United States

LogoRoy Fang, the individual trademark owner of Pay-U mark in International Class 35, has recently filed an application for the Pay-U trademark in India utilizing the service offered by the legal team at KAnalysis. This New Delhi based Intellectual Property boutique firm has been operating globally with an excellent reputation since 2007 from offices based in Italy, UK, and India.