Kasamba's Psychics Say the Next 20 Years Will Be Even Better

LogoMoreover, our advisors have noted tremendous growth, increasing the number of sessions tenfold, and receiving excellent feedback on their psychic readings, resulting in a huge amount of optimism and anticipation for what's next. Having witnessed such great success in the past 20 years, we look forward to the next 20 which are expected to triumph the leaps and bounds Kasamba has already made, and prosper thereafter.

My Readings - An Enhanced Feature for the Kasamba Psychic Reading App

LogoPreviously, that powerful connection with the psychic advisor – and the wisdom they shared – only lasted as long as the chat session. Users had to try to remember all of their questions, as well as their advisors' answers and powerful predictions. The "My Readings" feature captures the power and insight from those psychic readings and lets the user review them any time they want. Chats can be reviewed hours, days, or weeks later to help users find their best future!

Kasamba Sets Best Psychic Match Standard with 3 Free Minutes Unlimited

Logo3 Free Minutes Unlimited empowers users to find the Best Psychic Match by making informed decisions based on experience. All users, new and existing, get 3 Free Minutes every time they start a chat session with a new psychic. During this time, they can ask psychic questions about any area of their lives. From career questions to love life issues, users get to consult psychics free. If they are satisfied with the psychic, the advice given and the chemistry, they can continue on for a paid, complete session. 3 Free Minutes Unlimited allows users to get to know their psychic, the way the psychic interacts with them, and confirm that the connection is what they're looking for.