Exposure on Kazooga Reduces the Amount of Time Required to Sell a Business in Canada

The average business takes six to nine months to sell. Some businesses will take longer to sell while others will sell almost immediately. Many factors play a role in this, but the key to a successful sale is finding a buyer that is looking for exactly what the business has to offer at any given time. The price and terms must also be within the range of the buyer. The more facts potential buyers have, the more likely a business is to sell, according to Warren Houston of Kazooga.

Buy or Sell a Business Quickly with the Assistance of Kazooga

A business valuation is of great importance whether one is preparing a business for sale or determining whether to purchase a business or pass it by. A business valuation tells the buyer and seller the worth of the business. Many valuations methodologies may be used in this process. The buyer and seller may agree on a methodology to be used. Another option is to make use of a combination of methodologies. "At Kazooga, a number of options are offered to ensure buyers and sellers can choose the valuations methodologies they are most comfortable with," Warren Houston, founder of Kazooga, explains.