KBS Enterprises

KBS Enterprises Launches New Range of Optoma Business Projectors in Pakistan

KBS Enterprises, top of mind company when it comes to high quality  business projector , is ready to increase its product offering from Optoma Technology, Inc. The company is proud to announce the inclusion of product SXW/316 to their current lineup.

KBS Reveals New, Affordable and High Performing Paper Shredder Product Range

KBS Enterprises already has equipments such as banking, binding and laminating machines before the introduction of paper shredders. KBS has been a pioneer in this industry for more than 7 decades so they already know the general taste of the Pakistani market when it comes to such equipments.

KBS Enterprises Introduces Optoma Projectors for Education Sector

KBS Enterprises, a prime office equipment distributor, unveils a new series of projectors from Optoma Technology, Inc, a leading manufacturer of enterprise-quality projectors in the market.