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Keith J. Williams Law Assists Clients in Bucks County, PA, Who Seek the Expungement of Juvenile Criminal Records

As an experienced expungement lawyer serving Bucks County, PA, Keith J. Williams Law provides essential legal support to young individuals looking to put past mistakes behind them and pursue a brighter future, unencumbered by a juvenile criminal record.

Pennsylvania's Keith J. Williams Law Continues to Stand Up for Victims of Car Accidents

Keith J. Williams Law continues to represent victims of automobile accidents, as well as anyone else who has suffered a personal injury due to another party's negligence throughout Pennsylvania. Anyone searching for a car accident attorney in Bucks County, PA, or another nearby area is encouraged to contact Keith J. Williams Law for assistance.

Keith J. Williams Law Embraces Pennsylvania's New "Clean Slate Law"

In Pennsylvania, state officials announced the passage of PA's new "Clean Slate Law." Under the new law, Pennsylvania residents who have been found guilty of nonviolent misdemeanor criminal offenses can have their records sealed from the public, if they've paid all court fines and have stayed out of legal trouble for ten years.

Keith J. Williams Law Discusses Juvenile DUI Laws in PA

Keith J. Williams, a Bucks County drunk driving lawyer and defense attorney, provides defense for juveniles brought up on DUI charges and discusses what one might expect when charged or convicted.

Keith J. Williams Law Alerts Drivers to Advantages of Full Tort Car Insurance Coverage

Car accidents change lives, never for the better. Victims may experience physical and psychological trauma, as well as financial trouble resulting from medical bills, loss of income, and property damage. People who experience these difficulties in the aftermath of a car accident may be entitled to financial compensation. Keith J. Williams Law is home to an expert auto accident attorney in Bucks County, PA, and has helped countless Pennsylvania residents fight for justice.

Attorney Keith J. Williams Provides Legal Counsel for Bucks County Juveniles

As a top criminal defense attorney in Bucks County, PA, Keith J. Williams, Esq. has decades of legal experience and specializes in juvenile criminal defense. Offering legal counsel for clients ranging from minor summary offense litigation to felony criminal defense trials, attorney Keith J. Williams has dedicated himself to fighting to protect both the rights and futures of Pennsylvania's youth. Keith J. Williams Law takes action in exploring every legal avenue available to ensure the best possible outcome for his underage clients and their families.

Keith J. Williams Offers DUI Defense for Those Facing New DUI Charges

Keith J. Williams, a DUI attorney in Bucks County, PA offers defense for individuals facing DUI charges under the new Pennsylvania state law regarding repeat DUI offenses. On October 24, 2018, the Pennsylvania Senate Bill 961 was signed into law, increasing the penalties faced by repeat DUI offenders. This law targets individuals who caused fatalities, who drive under what is considered the "highest rate" Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), or those who have been charged with drunk driving four times or more.

Keith J. Williams Law Offers DUI Defense for Drivers in Bucks County

Pennsylvanians looking for a DUI attorney in Warminster, PA, and the surrounding areas can enlist the help of an accomplished DUI defense lawyer at Keith J. Williams Law. In PA and around the United States, DUIs are serious offenses that often lead to sentencing that has high costs and fines, as well as significant personal and work-related repercussions. Punishments can include but are not limited to incarceration, probation, fines, and license suspension.

Keith J. Williams Law Defends Fourth Amendment Search and Seizure Rights

Keith J. Williams offers legal counsel on many issues individuals can be facing, functioning as a criminal defense attorney in Bucks County as well as an active defendant of the rights afforded to individuals based on the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution. Knowing the rights given to individuals in the U.S. based on the Fourth Amendment allows people to better protect their personal privacy and actively inhibit unreasonable government searches and seizures of individuals, their homes, businesses, or property.

Keith J. Williams Law Encourages Everyone to Know Their Right to Counsel

Keith J. Williams, a criminal defense attorney in Bucks County, PA, wants the people of his community to understand their rights, especially when they are suspected of committing a crime. One of the most important aspects of criminal law that all should remember is their right to counsel.