Kerrisdale Dental Centre

Kerrisdale Dental Centre Welcomes You to a Complimentary Intra-Oral Tour

LogoWith over 55 years of experience and under the guidance of Dr. Abbas Tejani and Dr. Omar Kassam, Kerrisdale Dental offers complete dental services using the most advanced technology available on the market. They specialize in cosmetic, general dentistry and preventive dentistry that includes bridges, implants, smile makeovers, balanced night guards, digital x-rays and bite therapy. The dental office aims at enlightening its patients on various aspects of dental hygiene, thus ensuring strong oral health. The outcome of which is a Complimentary Intra-Oral Tour. Patients can attend and learn the relationship between healthy mouth and healthy body.

Kerrisdale Dental Announces New Patient Promotions This Winter

LogoLeading Vancouver based dental clinic Kerrisdale Dental has announced to offer new patient promotions. The clinic assures pain-free dental care by world-leaders in cosmetic and laser dentistry.

Kerrisdale Dental Centre Offers Caring and Professional Dental Solutions in Vancouver

LogoHaving a positive smile is a wonderful way to create impression on others. Retaining the smile over the years has been a massive problem for everyone as dental problems are common. High costs and dental treatments create fear in the minds of dental-affected persons and force them to shy away from achieving the smiles back. The introduction of cosmetic emergency dental treatments has helped the clients to experience painless solutions.

Complimentary Consultation Offered at Kerrisdale Dental

LogoNew patients can call up Kerrisdale Dental Clinic for a complimentary consultation and an intra-oral tour that helps them understand about how a healthy mouth can lead to a healthy life. They can either book an appointment online or through an email.