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Kestrel Aircraft Sponsors "Google Hangouts" at AirVenture 2014

LogoBroadcasting from the worlds most well attended airshow, Kestrel Aircraft has established a social media milestone. Utilizing Google Hangout technology, Kestrel is sponsoring live interactive video broadcasts. Aviation enthusiasts from around the globe, but unable to attend, may participate in the events and the interviews by simply navigating their browser to

Kestrel Aircraft Opens Social Media Aviation Site

LogoKestrel Aircraft, wants to treat the entire aviation community to a "Morning Cup". Kestrel Aircraft, the leader in single-engine turboprop innovation, announced today their new strategy in customer communications. "Kestrel wants to change the way consumers interact in the aviation market" said Chief technologist, Rj Siegel. "Social media is changing the very foundations of corporate structure. The aggregate voices of Facebook, Twitter, etc. reward consumers with vast collective power. When thousands of your customers talk to each other about the relative merits or dysfunctions of your product, you had better listen. Your competitors certainly will."

Kestrel Aircraft Launches Social Media Communication Initiative

LogoKestrel Aircraft, the leader in single-engine turboprop innovation, today announced a corporate shift in their communication strategy. A new web presence embracing social media as a primary conduit to the general aviation industry.