Kevin Foong Consulting Group

Feng Shui Master Kevin Foong Holds Numerous Seminars & Talks Already in the Year 2015

LogoKevin Foong, a worldwide leading Feng Shui master and Bazi consultant, has recently held numerous insightful seminars for various reputed organizations in 2015 so far such as Schneider Electric, Treasury Advisory, IKEA, Friends Life Provident, HDB Singapore, SMART Investment & International Property and many others.

Feng Shui Singapore Master Kevin Foong Holds Seminars and Talks for Corporate and Social Events

LogoMaster Kevin Foong, one of the worldwide leading Feng Shui, Bazi, Mian Xiang and various other Chinese Metaphysics experts, is currently providing seminars and talks on Feng Shui especially designed for corporate, society and charity events.

Leading Feng Shui Master Kevin Foong Now Offers Worldwide Private and Group Feng Shui Coaching

LogoKevin Foong Consulting Group, a group that has been dedicated in teaching Feng Shui, Bazi, Man Xiang and other Chinese Metaphysics studies and offering consultations to individuals, families, independent businesses and multinational corporations, has recently announced that they are expanding their teachings by now offering private and group coaching in Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom and China.

Feng Shui Master Kevin Foong Receives Midas Touch Enterprise Gold Award 2013 for His Company HostSG

LogoMaster Kevin Foong, the founder of Kevin Foong Consulting Group, co-founder & CEO of HostSG and CEO of Quest Venture Technologies, was recently awarded the Midas Touch Enterprise Gold Award for his company HostSG which is now the largest web hosting company in Singapore.