Catch the Latest News on UFC 229 from an Exclusive Fan Website is an exclusive fan website created for all the UFC 229 fans. Khabib Nurmagomedov needs no introduction as this Russian MMA professional has gained immense popularity as the two time world champion of Combat Sambo. Khabib currently holds a massive MMA streak comprising 27 wins and is known for being the undefeated MMA professional. Ranked 2nd in UFC rankings, it was an exciting and a nail biting sequence to watch him head to head with Conor McGregor, yet another MMA professional and boxer. McGregor is a former champion in both featherweight and lightweight UFC and was the first fighter in the history of UFC to hold both the titles simultaneously. For fans, it must have been a visual treat to see two legends go head to head with each other. Catch all the glimpses up-close with latest updates from UFC 229 Khabib vs McGregor Fight exclusively at this site.