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KHAOS Control Publishes New Information Concerning Inventory Control Benefits

Inventory control remains of great importance to businesses, as a business must have sufficient goods to meet the needs of its clients. What many fail to realize, however, is inventory control is also of importance as the goods may be used as a hedge against inflation and future price increases. In addition, companies often find they receive a discount when they purchase in bulk, and many businesses choose to buy in this manner to save money. The key lies in finding the right balance between just enough inventory and too much or too little.

KHAOS Control Launches an Inventory Management Campaign

Controlling inventory remains a top priority of business owners, both big and small. Unfortunately, states most small businesses keep a critically low level of inventory on hand, with most keeping less than 29 days of product in stock. Inventory is considered an asset, yet it isn't one that is easily converted into cash in many situations. For this reason, every business needs to consider making use of multi channel inventory management software. With this product, offered through KHAOS Control, businesses find they get a better grasp on what they have, what they need, what is moving and what isn't.

KHAOS Control Launches Inventory Management Campaign

According to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, loyal consumers tend to be worth up to ten times as much as their initial purchase, and companies need to remember this at all times. When a consumer purchases an item, only to find it is backordered or no longer available, they will likely take their business elsewhere. To avoid problems such as this, companies need to make use of multi channel inventory management software, such as that offered through KHAOS Control ( Doing so ensures the company can deliver the goods in a timely manner and keep the customer satisfied.

Multi-Channel Software Specialist KHAOS Control Launches Brand New Support Website

KHAOS Control, the producer of an industry-leading multi-channel business software package, announced the launch of a brand-new support website for customers. The new support website gives KHAOS Control users instant access to up-to-the-minute support tickets and development status reports, improving transparency and support responsiveness. Existing KHAOS Control customers have already been provided with login credentials for the new support website, and new customers will receive them as part of the sign-on process.

Khaos Control Offers a Free Demo of Their Inventory Management Software

According to the Houston Chronicle, warehouse inventory issues plague companies of every size. For some, inaccurate quantities affect their ordering tasks, yet others find the problem lies in product identification. Regardless of where the problem lies, companies need to determine the root cause to minimize or eliminate the problem completely. The inventory management system offered through Khaos Control helps with this, and a free demo is currently being offered so companies can see how use of the system will be of benefit to them.