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NJ Small Business Marketing Agency Announces Free Logo Contest Winner

The competition was fierce. The in-house debates were spirited. But the branding elves at KickCharge Creative have chosen the lucky winner of this small business marketing agency's "Transform Your Naughty Logo to Nice" Contest.

Branding Agency Offers Contest to Win Free Logo

The branding elves at KickCharge Creative work year-round to craft powerful logos for the good little boys and girls in the business world.

Marketing Agency Offers Advice for Strong Vendor Relationships

It's the time of year for counting blessings and sharing gratitude. And soon, New Year's resolutions will be the hot topic. As business owners and managers reflect on their 2018 success and their 2019 goals, their thoughts may turn to relationships with vendors and partners that support their operations. The team at KickCharge Creative, a branding and marketing agency that also specializes in website development services in NJ, has tips for ensuring those partnerships are healthy.

Discover the 'KickCharge Creative Way' of Digital Marketing

Contractors across the country often voice similar complaints about digital marketing. Results are poor or confusing. Their HVAC marketing agency won't give them access to their website accounts. Some don't even own their site.

Meet KickCharge Creative at HVAC Industry Events in October

Leaders of the best HVAC and plumbing companies in the United States and around the world will gather at events in October to learn from each other and from experts about ways to grow and improve their businesses. KickCharge® Creative, a New Jersey marketing agency with expertise in branding, vehicle advertising, HVAC website design and more, will be among the vendors that contractors can meet at the Nexstar Super Meeting and Service World Expo.

Branding Agency Offers New Package Pricing

Small businesses embarking on a rebranding journey know the road ahead involves a lot of work and a significant investment. They also know the voyage will build value, so they venture onward despite the challenges to create a new brand and then introduce it to the marketplace. KickCharge® Creative, a full-service marketing agency that specializes in building brands, wants to make this undertaking as smooth as possible.

KickCharge Creative Continues Winning Ways

The high-energy team at KickCharge Creative keeps lighting up the marketing world—most recently as a four-time winner in the June 2018 HVACR Business magazine's Tops in Trucks Fleet Design Contest.

Use Print Collateral to Power Sales

Savvy business owners know the digital marketplace is where they'll find the greatest opportunity for growth. Investing in pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, social media and email marketing will generate the most leads in a cost-effective, timely manner. But that doesn't mean print is dead. Print collateral still plays an important role in the sales process and customer relationship management.

Webinar Teaches How to Build a Disruptive HVAC Brand

Driving through any town, service vehicles pass by with little fanfare. Their plain coloring and barely legible lettering demand no attention. The owner of any business with trucks that blend in with traffic is missing thousands of opportunities every day to turn heads. If a company's brand is weak, it struggles to stand out, get noticed and be remembered.

KickCharge Creative Preaches Importance of Protecting Brand

The owner of a small or medium-sized business who invests in crafting a custom brand might not consider the possibility that another company would steal it. But it happens, and it's impossible to prevent. That's why companies need to make sure they are not using stolen artwork or words and are protecting their investments in their new brands.