KickCharge Creative

KickCharge Creative Continues Winning Ways

The high-energy team at KickCharge Creative keeps lighting up the marketing world—most recently as a four-time winner in the June 2018 HVACR Business magazine's Tops in Trucks Fleet Design Contest.

Use Print Collateral to Power Sales

Savvy business owners know the digital marketplace is where they'll find the greatest opportunity for growth. Investing in pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, social media and email marketing will generate the most leads in a cost-effective, timely manner. But that doesn't mean print is dead. Print collateral still plays an important role in the sales process and customer relationship management.

Webinar Teaches How to Build a Disruptive HVAC Brand

Driving through any town, service vehicles pass by with little fanfare. Their plain coloring and barely legible lettering demand no attention. The owner of any business with trucks that blend in with traffic is missing thousands of opportunities every day to turn heads. If a company's brand is weak, it struggles to stand out, get noticed and be remembered.

KickCharge Creative Preaches Importance of Protecting Brand

The owner of a small or medium-sized business who invests in crafting a custom brand might not consider the possibility that another company would steal it. But it happens, and it's impossible to prevent. That's why companies need to make sure they are not using stolen artwork or words and are protecting their investments in their new brands.

Do Business More Efficiently in 2018 with Full-Service Marketing Firm

When planning for the year ahead, companies define their business goals and budgets. The start of a new year is also a good time to consider how process improvements and vendor partners can support growth. Efficiency can help businesses be more effective by saving time and freeing up financial assets for other needs. One way small and medium-sized businesses can streamline their operations is by hiring a full-service marketing firm to handle all components of their branding and advertising in a consistent manner.

KickCharge Creative Energized in New Custom-Designed Headquarters

A thriving 22-year-old marketing agency specializing in branding and web design that serves small and medium-sized businesses across the country has outgrown its old name and its office space—but it remains committed to its rural community.

KickCharge Creative Committed to Community, Worthy Causes

The team at KickCharge® Creative understands the importance of giving back in order to make communities stronger, better places to live, work and play. That's why this small marketing company with the big heart donates its creative muscle to charitable events and organizations whenever it can.

Free Audit Measures Health of Business Websites

Owners of small and medium-sized companies know they need a strong digital presence to be competitive, but many do not understand how to quantify or grow the business they generate online. Fortunately, they don't need to guess or assume their website is doing its job; digital data is available to tell the story. On the other hand, people who are busy running their businesses often don't have the time or know-how to access or interpret information about what's happening in their digital marketplace.

KickCharge Creative Amps Up for Vegas Expo

Fresh off the company's bold new rebranding effort, team members of KickCharge® Creative are hopping a plane to Las Vegas to participate in Service Roundtable's Service World Expo next month.