Kids Learning Tech

Kids Learning Tech Launches Amazon Echo Course to Give Kids the Most Current Mad Skills

LogoEver wondered how does Amazon's Echo work exactly? This and other practical information is what the newest technology class from Kids Learning Tech teaches Georgia elementary students. Tackling the what for's and the how-to's for Amazon Echo, the course is a windfall for thriving in the digital age. Already known worldwide as the coveted digital assistant catering to the whims of the masses, Echo's a wish list item. It's a must have that underscores just how the world runs on networked information. So, shouldn't little guys and gals have the 411?

Kids-Tech Launches Tech Class for Kids Ages 3 and Up Inspiring Curiosity with Virtual Reality, Drones & 3D Printing

LogoSo what elementary age kid wouldn't love to try their hand at cutting-edge technology like flying a drone or printing a toy? Now they can, thanks to Atlanta-based Kids-Tech. They have announced the launch of Tech Class. It's a year-long program for kids to help inspire and build a foundation of knowledge in technology. The Kids-Tech team builds this foundation with exciting weekly classes in 3-D printing, APP-building, drones, and virtual reality (VR). Making each week's session fun and engaging, they offer skills and hands-on experience to students as young as three-years-old. This is a pint-sized tour of today's premier technology right at their fingertips.