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Fiat Has Unveiled Its Latest 500 Model, the 500X, and It Is Impressing Car Reviewers Across Europe

In Europe, there is an increasing trend for people to buy small cars. They are more economical, easier to park and cheaper to run, so, for modern car buyers, they tick several boxes. One firm that has done well from this trend is Fiat. Sales of their 500 line continue to increase across all European markets, including the UK, so the launch of the Fiat 500X has caused quite a stir.

Survey Says, Demand for Superminis Grows in the UK

In 2014, 2,476,435 new cars were registered in the UK, which is the highest level of registrations since 2004. Many of the new registrations were for superminis like the Vauxhall Corsa and Ford Fiesta.The top selling car in 2014 was a supermini.

Survey Shows the Sales of Small Cars Have Grown at the Fastest Rate

This is largely related to the fact that UK companies have become very cost conscious. The recession has taught UK business owners to keep their overheads as low as possible, and one area they have paid particular attention to has been fleet costs.