Klarif, Inc.

Klarif, Inc Announces Newly Appointed Advisory Board Member

LogoKLARIF, Inc. (www.klarif.com), a research & development-based skincare company, today announced its newly appointed advisory board member, Dr. UNG-YONG KIM. The advisory board will serve to provide strategic guidance on the company’s corporate vision, partnering strategy and technology innovations.

The U.S. Company Behind the Research & Development-Based Skincare Company, KLARIF, Inc Is Preparing for a Stock Market Listing

LogoPreviously having announced sales expansion of the ‘Authentique’ skincare line to upscale department stores, KLARIF, Inc. (www.klarif.com) plans to file for an initial public offering(IPO) in New York.

KLARIF, Inc Expands Sales of 'Authentique' Skincare Line to Upscale Department Stores

LogoKLARIF Inc. (www.klarif.com), a research & development-based skincare company, announced that the corporation had recently filed for a registered trademark for its proprietary compounded formulation ‘Ma²T’ ™ (Maat: Mitochondrial Activator Adenosine Triphosphate) as the core set of ingredients in the KLARIF skincare lines.

"Age Young" Instead of "Growing Old"

LogoAmazing story about how your body is patrolled day & night by its own natural Security Officers, called NK Cells.