Kleangas Energy Technologies Inc.

Kleangas Subsidiary SCR Production's Taking a Whole New Sense

LogoSecond Cycle Recycling (SCR) is excited to announce it is planning to open a second production line in Kokomo, IN. The first line, announced last month, will begin production in 2015. The second line will be smaller for a new product developed at SCR. SCR is the first paper pellet manufacturer to infuse scent into a pellet. This new product will enter the potpourri market. SCR will manufacture pellets with a variety of scents and colors reflecting various holidays and seasons. Of the pellet products in the SCR portfolio, this will by far be the most profitable to the company. Much of the packaging of this product will be done by hand. To do the packaging, SCR will be teaming with a group that employs handicapped and disabled workers in an effort to help them enter into the workforce with the goal of becoming self-sufficient.

Kitty Litter Could Be Replaced by Second Cycle

LogoUPTICK Newswire interviews CEO & President of Kleangas Energy Technologies Inc. (KGET) Mr. Bo Linton regarding the proceedings of their pellet facility and brand new facility geared mostly towards a new brand of pellets.