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KLM Medical Equipment Answers Questions About Prone Positioning for ARDS

LogoKLM Medical Equipment provides a nationwide audience with a range of medical equipment solutions including prone positioning equipment. Typically uses for patients that require a ventilator, prone positioning requires special equipment that may help patients with ARDS.

KLM Medical Discusses the 3 Important Features of C-Arm Pain Management Tables

LogoKLM Medical Equipment is proud to offer facilities with a range of pain management table designs that are affordable functional. While there are many types of pain management tables on the market, C-arm tables are equipped with three important features that set them apart from other pain management tables on the market: limited movements, weight classification, and additional features.

KLM Medical Equipment Offers Memory Foam Surgical Mattress Pads with Rebound Support

LogoKLM Medical Equipment is proud to provide its clients with the most advanced surgical equipment on the market, including surgical mattress pads with rebound support.

KLM Medical Equipment Explains the 12 AST Standards of Care for Surgical Positioning

LogoKLM Medical Equipment provides education on surgical positioning equipment and the 12 AST standards of care for surgical positioning.

KLM Medical Equipment Offers Prone Positioning Equipment Solutions

LogoKLM Medical Equipment offers a range of prone positioning equipment to hospitals and surgical centers all around the United States. Working with the most respected manufacturers in prone positioning equipment, such as Care Surgical, KLM Medical Equipment is dedicated to offering their clients the best products at the best rates.

KLM Medical Equipment Offers Medical Equipment That Competes with TrenGuard Positioning Devices

LogoKLM Medical Equipment provides hospitals and other medical institutions with quality medical equipment that competes with TrenGuard in safety, convenience, and flexibility.

KLM Medical Urges Healthcare Facilities to Invest in Temperature Taking Kiosks

LogoKLM Medical Equipment is urging healthcare facilities and other businesses to invest in temperature taking kiosks during the pandemic.

KLM Medical Equipment Warns Clients of the Dangers of Unreliable Trendelenburg Positioning Systems

LogoKLM Medical Equipment is proud to provide healthcare facilities throughout the nation with reliable and advanced Trendelenburg positioning systems. They also warn about the dangers of low-quality and unreliable positioning systems.

KLM Medical Equipment Offers the HS10 Body Temperature Kiosk to Improve the Safety of Healthcare Facilities

LogoKLM Medical Equipment is nationally recognized for providing quality medical equipment that improves safety of healthcare facilities. This includes the HS10 Body Temperature Kiosk that gauge's body temperature and promotes COVID-19 security.

KLM Medical Equipment Offers Four Quality Medical Positioning Devices

LogoKLM Medical Equipment is a leader in medical positioning devices, offering four high-quality and durable models to their clients at affordable rates.