Kool Techs

Internet of Things Bluetooth Low Energy Apps for Smart Phones

The “iWanditAll” platform is a combination of KoolThings and Smartphone resulting in KoolApplications for IoT or Internet of Things. KooThings consists of multifunction, multisensory KoolWand and KoolBridge. KoolBridge acts as a bridge and converts WiFi / Bluetooth / BLE commands from Android or ios mobile devices to Infrared / Bluetooth / BLE signals for the purpose of controlling variety of consumer and electronic home appliances or devices wirelessly or via IR blaster cable. KoolBridge also receives triggering events from BLE sensors for sending notifications and messages to mobile devices so as to provide additional cloud services.

A Multi-Functional and Innovative System That Aims at Improving the Lifestyle

KoolThings offers an innovative system backed by cutting edge technology which not only simplifies the tasks but also improves the lifestyle of an individual. This innovative system consists of the KoolWand and KoolBridge tools. The KoolWand is a kind of remote control that can track valuables, locate lost phones or lost keys and controls the amount of TV time based on exercise schedules. It also acts as a universal remote control for a music system and television. Fitness enthusiasts can use the KoolWand as a GymDJ Application and as a wireless pedometer during their exercises and jogging.