Perfect Latch – A Mother's Comfort New Application with THERMOLAST K

LogoGlobal specialty plastics manufacturer, KRAIBURG TPE, has partnered with BeauGen LLC, the creator of the Perfect Latch, to design a unique product for breast-feeding mothers across the nation.


LogoKRAIBURG TPE has announced its third consecutive participation at the 2016 Plastimagen, Mexico trade show taking place from March 8-11 in Mexico City, Mexico. (Booth #2630). The decision was made to participate in this year's trade show due to growing business opportunities with key end users and processors predominately in the automotive industry in Mexico.

Zebra Pen Finds the Right Grip with KRAIBURG TPE

LogoLate last year, KRAIBURG TPE Americas, the manufacturer of tailor-made thermoplastic elastomers received the 2014-2015 Best International Supplier Award from Zebra Pen, a producer of writing instruments, in Monterrey Mexico. Alberto Oba, Director of KRAIBURG TPE Mexico, accepted the award on KRAIBURG TPE America's behalf. It was given based on outstanding service, consistent product quality and competitive pricing.

KRAIBURG TPE Announces Formation of New Mexico Subsidiary

LogoKRAIBURG TPE announces the formation of a new entity in Mexico under the legal name KRAIBURG TPE México S. de R.L. de C.V. As an operating subsidiary of KRAIBURG TPE Corporation in the US, the new company will function primarily as a provider of commercial and logistical support infrastructure for goods importation into the region. The formation of the Mexican entity will help to accelerate business growth, provide a higher level of localized service, and improve turnaround times.

THERMOLAST K Is the Solution to a Sticky Problem

LogoKRAIBURG TPE was presented with a unique opportunity when it's distribution partner Chase Plastics, one of the leading North American full-service specialty engineered thermoplastic distributors, approached it with a complex problem that required a creative solution.

KRAIBURG TPE Will Be Exhibiting at This Year's NPE -- Booth S18133 Located in the South Hall - - Featuring Innovative TPE Products and Services

LogoKRAIBURG TPE has developed and produced soft, elastic thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) since 1984. Marketing under the THERMOLAST® brand name, the company supplies a wide range of compounds for a variety of end-use markets and applications including custom-engineered solutions. A complete new surface feel experience with excellent chemical resistance, can be found under their brand COPEC®. For chemical resistance and extraordinary adhesion properties on PA 6.6 and many aromatic polyamides our For-Tec E compounds are an ideal solution. In addition, KRAIBURG TPE offers a range of support services including design and production consulting and logistics support (just-in-time delivery). Following its motto "custom-engineered TPE and more", the company has rapidly become one of the world's leading suppliers of TPE compounds. "Today we have customized series compounds for a variety of applications and can provide support to our customers worldwide in product development, design and supply chain procedures. If required, we can develop concepts, implement and supply the top TPE compound in each case, while tapping into specific customer applications for soft, elastic TPE compounds", commented CEO Franz Hinterecker.

COPEC for the New Astrospec 2.0 Safety Glasses - A New Look and a Velvety Touch

LogoThe new astrospec 2.0 involved processing high-tech materials into a set of safety glasses, which combine innovative functionality with unmatched standards of safety. The flexible safety glasses frame employs the COPEC® Thermoplastic Elastomers from the specialist manufacturer KRAIBURG TPE. They remain firmly in place, on any face, while retaining a silky-smooth feeling against the skin, for unbeatable wearer comfort. The frame also features triple adjustment, while the glasses can be folded flat together after use.


LogoSTABILO and KRAIBURG TPE have been working together for more than a decade on the future of handwriting: the specialist for Thermoplastic Elastomers supplies the international writing utensil manufacturer STABILO International GmbH with THERMOLAST® K, the material that makes pencils and pens pleasant to hold.Electronic communication is fast, effective and in keeping with the times. And yet – people who write things down often have better ideas, improved recall and a longer memory of what they have written. Prolific writers, students and everyone who knows the value of handwriting appreciate the qualities of a good writing utensil.

KRAIBURG TPE Americas Joins Two Local Community Groups

LogoKRAIBURG TPE is known for its interest in developing close relationships with its customers and the communities they live in. One of the ways that they foster this bond is to join local organizations that bring businesses and citizens together. Recently, KRAIBURG TPE Americas joined, the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, and The German American Chamber of Commerce. Both of these organizations represent hundreds of members and feature lectures and networking seminars to educate and enrich the lives of their affiliates.

Thermoplastic Elastomer Supplier, KRAIBURG TPE, Unveils New Development Line - EL 17

LogoKRAIBURG TPE AMERICAS (KTPE) unveiled its new development/sample line (EL 17) on January 31st of this year, by producing a compound from their THERMOLAST®K series. It has been an important project for KTPE’s Technical, Maintenance and Production departments for the past 12 months. The new extruder line will serve primarily two support functions.