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Target Shooters Stay Sharp With Kramer Industries’ Walnut Shell Grit

You don’t have to be a marksman to know that the more you shoot, the keener your target shooting skills become. However, the cost of ready-made ammunition has shot through the roof over these last several years, which explains the growing popularity of recycling or “reloading” spent cartridges; cleaned and polished with walnut shell or corn cob grit.

Kramer Industries’ Corn Cob Grit Preserves Pride in Log Homes.

Preserving the natural beauty of a log home is a labor of love for most of the half million American homeowners who live in log homes. It’s also labor intensive, even with a power washer in hand. However, Kramer Industries has come up with a solution that now makes it easier to restore log homes – corn cob grit blasting media.

Kramer Industries Remains Industry Leader in Silverware Restoration

There was a time when elbow grease was the only way to restore silverware to its original luster. Today, the upscale food service industry depends on tiny stainless steel balls to do the job for them, and Kramer Industries has led the way in perfecting the equipment and the process that makes it possible.

Painting Contractors Hungry for Kramer Industries’ Corn Cob Grit

The problem is as old as paint itself. What’s the best way to remove a cracked and peeling finish from a wood exterior home? Scrapping was the only answer until sand blasting and chemical stripping came along. But now there’s a new solution that is less abrasive, takes much less time, costs less money, and can even be used on surfaces like cedar shakes.