Kramer Industres

Kramer Industries Shares Secret to Log Home Longevity

The way to keep a log home looking great over time is to keep it clean and mold free, according to Kramer Industries, one of the leading suppliers of abrasive blasting equipment and supplies. And what Kramer Industries often recommends to preserve and restore log homes is blasting them clean with tiny pieces of glass.

Kramer Industries Adds Finishing Touch to Medical Devices

“Blasting” and “tumbling” may not be words that you readily relate to the fabrication and preparation of medical devices, however, they are often the finishing touches that get prescriptions written and keep manufacturers in compliance with standards set forth by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Kramer Helps Fill the Ammo Shortage

Even as bullet-makers put on extra shifts to pump out ammo around the clock, seven days a week, they still can't keep up with the nation's demand. Based on concerns that the current administration and Congress will pass antigun legislation, ammunition has been scarce for more than a year now. To overcome this shortage, many gun enthusiasts are beginning to reload using Kramer equipment to clean and polish used cartridges.

Kramer Industries Helps Give Solar Industry Pioneer Its Edge

EPV Solar, Inc. is on the very forefront of solar panel technology. In fact, the Robbinsonville, NJ-based company positions itself as being, “Ahead of the Horizon,” and recently won New Jersey’s Clean Energy Manufacturer of the Year Award. It also uses a blasting medium from Kramer Industries as part of its proprietary manufacturing process.

Kramer Industries Helps Harley-Davidson Remember When

“When we restore a Harley, we bring it back in time. We make sure every inch of that bike is exactly the way it was when it came from the factory.” Those were the words of Marty MacCollum, and this motorcycle man wasn’t exaggerating one single bit. All you have to do is comb over any one of the dozens of Harley-Davidson’s he’s worked on over the years to see for yourself. In fact, look close enough, and you’ll see exactly how serious MacCollum is about bringing Harley-Davidson motorcycles back to the day they got their first taste of octane.

WWII Trucks Feel the Love of Kramer Industries Media

The name of the company is Vehicles of Victory, LLC. Although small in size, Vehicles for Victory is the world’s number one source for WWII-era Chevrolet and GMC truck parts. And now they can spread the love for those proud WWII workhorses faster than ever.

Kramer Grit Puts the Skid on Slippery Floors

You need 5,000 pounds of aluminum oxide in less than 36 hours. So who are you going to call?

Kramer Industries Grit Helps Preserve History

Kramer Polishing Grit Gives Design Studio a Handle on High-End Hardware

What makes the difference between an ordinary knob or cabinet handle, and something very special? In the case of one high-end design studio, a major point of difference is polishing grit made of tiny bits of ceramics.

Kramer Compounds Add Polish To Military Components

Kramer Industries isn’t immediately recognized as a military supply company. However, as a leading supplier of cleaning and polishing media, chemical compounds and vibrating equipment, Kramer has been silently playing a vital role in the preparation of military parts for decades. Case in point is the contribution Kramer makes to the output of Check-Mate Industries, a New York-based, cutting-edge tool and die company, and internationally respected OEM supplier of military parts.