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Thousands of Rwandans Descend on Atlanta to Meet Kagame, Reports KT Press

Over 3,000 Rwandans living in North America are travelling to Atlanta, Georgia (USA) this week to meet their leader President Paul Kagame, during the sixth edition of Rwanda Day, on September 19-20.

How Women Are Helping Rwanda Heal Genocide Wounds

In a small village in Huye district in Southern Rwanda, tensions between genocide widows and wives of genocide perpetrators had long riled the local community.

Rwanda Celebrates the Nation's Rebirth 20 Years Since the Tragic Genocide

By the time Rwanda’s capital Kigali fell on July 4, 1994, the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) rebel movement had been engaging then government forces in a four-year armed liberation struggle. Behind the frontline, the Genocide was taking its heavy toll. Over a million Tutsis were killed between April and July 1994.