Kuber Ventures

Kuber Ventures Launches Business Property Relief Portfolio Product to Help Investors Make Gains Investing in Business

Business Relief reduces the value of a business or its assets when working out how much Inheritance Tax has to be paid by as much as 50% or 100% when passed on while the owner is alive, or if it is stated in the will. This is a vital relief as inheritance tax looks to continue being a prominent part of the chancellors plans. According to Intelligent Partnership, 95% of financial advisers are expected to do more BPR business over the next five years, and Kuber Ventures has made it easier than ever by providing a BPR portfolio.

Kuber Ventures Announces Their 12th Fund as They Publish New Guide on Tax Benefits of EIS and SEIS

Enterprise Investment Schemes are designed to help small and medium sized businesses grow, encouraging investors by offering a range of tax relief options. Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes offer even more relief to help small, early-stage companies raise equity finance to get their business underway. Kuber Ventures is the only independent platform for such investments in the UK, and has recently announced that they already has twelve funds on the platform. They are looking to expand, and have published details about the tax incentives to encourage more new investors.