Kurt Lucien

Small Business Marketing Tutorial Makes Local Business Marketing Easy and Fun

Kurt Lucien (Amazon TOP Selling Author: "Web Marketing For Small Businesses") introduces his 12 Step-by-step, proven marketing methods in his Small Business Marketing Tutorial (http://www.smallbusinessmarketingtutorial.com). Results count more than any measurement of traffic or attention. Results means sales. Sales come from leads, and those leads can be labeled with many different names, but it still comes down to information about someone who wants to buy.

Email Marketing Gets Increased Reliability and Revolutionary Easy-to-Use Autoresponder

Top marketer Kurt Lucien introduces what he promises will be a revolutionary change to email marketing. The crux of the change this new autoresponder offers in email marketing is ease of access to the entire range of email addresses across many of a user's current platforms. For anyone who has ever lurked in forums or participated in discussions with online marketers about the typical email marketing autoresponders, they have heard the grumbling about the the limitations of virtually all the providers out there.

Web Marketing Book Focusing on Social Media Free for Two More Days

Business owners interested in learning social media have just two more days to get web marketing expert Kurt Lucien's new book "Web Marketing For Small Business" for FREE. The free offer ends April 3, 2013. As a part of his new book release, Kurt Lucien is offering to "Put Your Business Online!"

Sales Leads in 30 Days Done with New Social Media Web Marketing Book

Kurt Lucien's web marketing book "Web Marketing For Small Business" has been challenging the concept of how business uses social media. By exploring Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube and blogs, the book explores an idea uncommon to most social media marketing books. Most marketers focus on motivating business owners and entrepreneurs to create spiffy copy or attractive WordPress pages in the promotion of the idea of high sales conversions with little or, as they often promise, no effort.

Sales Leads in Become the Focus in New Marketing Guide to Social Media

Ever since the day the first guy who made good in a horse-trade told someone else about it, discovering sales leads has been an important part of gaining customers. The Internet does not change the importance of sales leads. Customers still consist of flesh and blood, need to be reached, approached, aroused and sold.