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Beverly Hills Lawyer Advises Trust-Based Estate Plans as a Relatively Straightforward Solution to Inheritance

LogoIn California, one of the primary goals in many Estate plans is avoiding the need for probate, a process where the validity of a will is reviewed. To avoid this scenario, the Beverly-Hills based legal team at Kushner Legal recommend trust-based estate plans.

Estate Planning After Divorce

LogoAs recently illustrated in the hit movie "Marriage Story," even when parties involved in a divorce intend to proceed amicably, acrimony can arise and proceedings can become costly and time-consuming. After the dust settles and a settlement is finalized the last thing that most people want is more paperwork. However, when it comes to the law, short term pains often mean long term gains. For more, go to: https://kushnerlegal.com/estate-planning-after-divorce/

Making Family Law Litigation an Avoidable Expense

LogoWhen staying together is no longer an option for families, the period that follows can be tumultuous and emotionally charged. As a legal firm in California, the team members at Kushner Legal recommend implementing domestic agreements as a means of avoiding family law litigation should the worst occur.

Making a Will in California

LogoAs a team that specializes in Wills, Trusts, and Estate litigation, Kushner Legal has experience drafting up wills for people who want to ensure their final wishes are carried put upon death. In California, the requirements for creating a valid will are set out in Division 6 of the California Probate Code.

Attorney in Los Angeles Discuss Trusts and the Personal Benefits

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Estate Lawyer in West Hollywood Discusses Challenging a Trust

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Beverly Hills Estate Lawyer Explains Contesting a Will in California

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