LA Speech Therapy Solutions

In-Network Speech Therapy for Kids in Los Angeles Offered by LA Speech Therapy Solutions

LogoIn-network Speech Therapy is now offered by the experienced team at LA Speech Therapy Solutions. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Shield of CA, and Kaiser Permanente Insurance are a few of the insurances that cover speech therapy with their experienced team. LA Speech Therapy Solutions offers services such as occupational therapy, speech and language disorders, stuttering therapy, voice therapy, and adult speech therapy. LA Speech Therapy Solutions can be found at 2836 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90026. Call 323-522-6071 or visit for more information.

MTF Voice Therapy Los Angeles Brings Speech Solutions To The Transgender Community

LogoUnfortunately, taking estrogen past puberty does not affect the masculine voice in MTF patients like testosterone does in FTM patients. Because of this, LA Speech Therapy is assisting those patients who are seeking MTF voice therapy Los Angeles to help with vocal feminization. Speech therapy for female vocalization is safe and can be done even after puberty. MTF voice therapy Los Angeles is invaluable to members of the transgender community. That is why LA Speech Therapy Solutions is making it their mission to help MTF people feel more comfortable in their bodies.

Stuttering Speech Therapy Can Improve Fluency of Speech

LogoStuttering speech therapy can improve the fluency of speech. This is done through means of stuttering speech therapy. LA Speech Therapy Solutions provides individuals with a way of improving their speech fluency. A stutter can make individuals uncomfortable and have low self-esteem, which is why LA Speech Therapy Solutions helps individuals with their stutter.

A Child Speech Pathologist Can Help Children Improve Their Speech

LogoLA Speech Therapy Solutions provides various services to their clients such as stuttering therapy, occupational therapy, and speech and language disorder services. Their trained child speech pathologist works closely with children in order to help them in speech or language areas they need help in. Their child speech pathologist are trained to help children and make them feel comfortable while working with them.

Excellent Speech Therapy for Toddlers Program Provided by Top-Rated Speech Therapy Facility

LogoThe diligent speech therapy for toddlers team at LA Speech Therapy Solutions is dedicated to providing their pediatric patients with the best possible care. The speech therapists at LA Speech Therapy Solutions are experienced with children and skilled at speech therapy for toddlers. They will work with a child and their parent in the best interest of the child and provide excellent care.

Speech Therapy for Toddlers Is Offered by Top Speech Therapy Facility, LA Speech Therapy Solutions

LogoLA Speech Therapy has consistently provided their clients with award-winning customer service. Their goal for speech therapy for toddlers is to make sure each child is at the correct developmental stage. This office provides an array of therapy options that is beneficial for clients of all ages. Speech therapy for toddlers helps children with learning disabilities find success. This locally owned therapy office provides care that surpasses all other therapists.

Distinguished Provider of Occupational Therapy in Los Angeles Gives Children Life-Changing Opportunities

LogoLA Speech Therapy Solutions is a Los Angeles-based occupational therapy facility that is committed to building the confidence and life skills needed for children to reach their milestones. The occupational therapy in Los Angeles team of pediatric experts understands how difficult it may be to help children reach developmental milestones. The skills children develop at the center allow children to thrive in different environments including the home and academic settings.

LA Speech Therapy Solutions Provides Excellent Pediatric Occupational Therapy Los Angeles Services

LogoLA Speech Therapy Solutions provides one of the best pediatric occupational therapy in Los Angeles offers. They are recognized as a top-quality place for children to receive occupational therapy. For many years, the LA Speech Therapy team has dedicated themselves to providing top-notch pediatric care. They utilize occupational therapy techniques that only benefit their pediatric patients. LA Speech Therapy Solutions has a highly experienced occupational therapy in Los Angeles team and are conveniently located at 2836 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90026 (323-522-6071).

Whittier Speech Therapy Service Provides Trusted Results for Those with Speech Impairments

LogoWhittier speech therapy provider, LA Speech Therapy Solutions offers a wide range of services. Whether a patient is looking for voice therapy, stuttering therapy or treatment for speech and language disorders, this top-rate company aims to provide results for all of their patients. They are able to correct hoarse or breathy voices and a variety of other voice disorders. Treating these types of impairments requires specialized training from a certified Speech-Language Pathologist like the ones at Whittier speech therapy provider, LA Speech.

Los Feliz Speech Therapy Service Delivers Proven Results for Its Patients

LogoLos Feliz speech therapy service, LA Speech Therapy Solutions, proudly delivers proven results to all of their patients. This speech therapy provider is composed of a team of specialists that is headed by Cassi Alter, MA-CCC. Alter has over 20 years of experience in the field; she received her Bachelor's of Arts from UC, Berkeley before earning her Master's Degree in Speech Pathology from California State University, Los Angeles. After establishing an impressive career, Alter founded LA Speech Therapy Solutions.