LA Speech Therapy Solutions

Outstanding Speech Therapy Practice Now Offering Stuttering Therapy

LogoLA Speech is a speech therapy practice located in the heart of Los Angeles. The practice was founded by Cassi Alter, MA-CCC, who has dedicated her career to helping children that suffer from a variety of speech disorders. LA Speech's Stuttering Therapy is proven to improve children's stuttering and help them to better communicate with their peers and adults.

Santa Monica Voice Therapy Services Are Now Available from Top-Rated Speech Therapist

LogoVoice Therapy Santa Monica services provider, LA Speech, has recently announced that they will offer voice therapy treatment to the residents of Santa Monica and its surrounding cities. They are the leader in innovative and up to date techniques when it comes to treating various speech disorders. While they treat clients of all ages, they specialize in pediatric speech therapy and dedicate their time to providing the highest quality of care to the children they treat.

Top Male Transgender Voice Therapy Center in Los Angeles Now Accepting New Clients

LogoLA speech therapy has done extensive research regarding the differences between male and female voice patterns to assist them in male transgender voice therapy. They have discovered some key differences which serve as the basis for the therapy services they provide. What the research has found is that there are considerable, yet controllable variations between male and female speech patterns.

LA Speech Therapy Offers Stuttering Voice Therapy for Children and Adults in Los Angeles

LogoLA Speech Therapy offers professional stuttering voice therapy for children in the greater Los Angeles area. For parents who have questions or concerns regarding their child's ability to communicate clearly, combine words properly, or comprehend conversations and vocabulary, these friendly therapists are always ready to help. LA Speech Therapy offers individualized treatment programs designed to fit the needs of each child.

Transgender Voice Training in Los Angeles by LA Speech Therapy Solutions

LogoLA Speech Therapy Solutions provides transgender voice training for enhanced vocal tone, quality, and pitch to match the newly transformed appearance. Through a team of highly specialized speech therapists, transgender patients who complain of having a voice that is either too high or too low can undergo a total metamorphosis within a very short period.

Speech Therapy Offered by La Speech Therapy Solutions in Los Angeles

LogoCassi Alter and her team of highly trained speech therapists and speech language pathologists specialize in adult and child speech therapy in Los Angeles. LA Speech Therapy Solutions is the leading therapy facilities in American with a staff devoted to healing and diminishing the number of people suffering from speech therapy difficulties.

Los Angeles Transgender Voice Therapy Offered by Top Los Angeles Speech Therapist

LogoLA Speech Therapy Solutions offers dedicated programs for transgender voice therapy patients who are transitioning from either male-to-female or female-to-male, helping to transform the voice to match their external appearance. The organization offers a series of transgender speech therapy sessions that focus on vocal pitch, resonance, intonation, and non-verbal forms of communication that help patients to overcome the difficulties that transgender patients so often face.

Help for Stuttering in Los Angeles Offered by L.A. Speech Therapy Solutions

LogoIn recent medical statistics display roughly one percent of adults and three percent of children suffer from stuttering. LA Speech Therapy Solutions leads as one of the top medical services in the country with a team of stuttering specialist dedicated to curing and minimizing the number of adults and children who suffer from this condition.