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How to Cater an Event for 700 in the Desert? Just Ask LA Spice Catering

LogoLos Angeles catering company and corporate event planner LA Spice recently achieved what may be a first in the West Coast culinary profession. The premiere caterer demonstrated exceptional finesse at catering a major business event in extreme weather—in the middle of California’s Mojave Desert.

LA Spice Catering and Café Celebrate National IPA Day

LogoCatering and event planning specialists LA Spice celebrated National IPA day August 1st with food and drink specials and recommended pairings in the LA Spice Cafe. National IPA Day is a celebration of India Pale Ales, a very particular variety of beer that has developed a wide following domestically. As IPAs are known for their distinctive, somewhat bitter taste, the LA Spice Café prepared a number of spicy, flavorful dishes to accompany the particular brew such as pulled pork sandwiches, Ariba Chilaquiles, and the LA Spice Signature Sandwich.

LA Spice Catering Company Creates 'Mosaic' Menu

LogoGourmet catering company LA Spice is pleased to announce new additions to its menu that reflect the cultural diversity of Los Angeles. LA Spice breakfast reflects Mexican with the tomatillo salsa, Portuguese with Linguisa sausage, and a South American breakfast with the pequillo pepper. Their hot Entrée Chicken a la peperonata reflects Italian and Greek with chicken, bell peppers, tomatoes, pine nuts, basil, feta cheese and the Torta de Jamon Sandwich reflects Mexican which includes cooked ham, tomatoes, jalapenos, lettuce and Mexican crema on teleras bread. Coq au Riesling represents French with chicken stew, bacon lardons, button mushrooms, and thyme. The Soba Noodle Deli Salad represents Japanese with sugar snap peas, adamame, shiitake mushrooms, shaved asparagus, ponzu vinaigrette.

Los Angeles Catering Company Helps Clients Donate Leftover Food

LogoGourmet catering company LA Spice is pleased to announce the launch of its food centerpiece donation program for philanthropic and socially-aware clients.

Los Angeles Catering Company Helps Clients Go Green

LogoIn response to growing environmental awareness, Los Angeles-based gourmet catering company, LA Spice, is proud to announce its “green” catering program, developed with the eco-conscious consumer in mind.

Los Angeles Catering Company Launches Beverage-Centric Summer Theme

LogoWith summer quickly approaching, Los Angeles-based gourmet catering company LA Spice is pleased to announce the launch of new theme “Summer’s Bounty in Beverages” that will focus on the plentiful fruit, herbs and spices available in summertime.

LA Spice Catering Meets Today's Gluten-Free Needs with Innovative Catering Options

LogoWith allergies and sensitivities to gluten on the rise, award-winning LA Spice Catering has developed a full menu of options from appetizers to desserts so that even gluten-free foodies can enjoy their gourmet creations. The pesky gluten protein is found in grains like wheat, barley, rye and others, according to the Mayo Clinic. Devising an entertaining menu for special events is not easy when so many key ingredients are missing, but the LA Spice planners are adamant that their menus include interesting options for gluten-free diners.

Pan African Menu Brings Authentic Flavors to Awards Event as Savannah Elephants Look On

LogoLA Spice Catering, experts at innovating menus for the most demanding corporate catering events, brought a “Pan African” menu to a recent formal awards gala at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. Given such an extraordinary venue, their talented planners and chefs will take a leap into exotic worlds, bringing lucky guests along with them.

LA Spice Catering Spawns Colorful New Culver City Hot Spot

LogoLA Spice Café is the newest addition to the thriving, competitive café scene in Culver City. Launched in February by the owners of LA Spice Catering, the colorful eatery is already racking up enthusiastic reviews from the likes of Eater LA and, trend-trackers of all things L.A., who rate it “…a super-casual cafe from the ultra-legit catering company of the same name.”

LA Caterers and Clients Help to Update the Menu

LogoFor 2013, trend experts from color forecasters to corporate event planners predict a mix of old and new themes in interior and fashion design—key influences on home and corporate caterers entertaining—that reflect a need for warmth and safety. The nostalgic desire for security and attraction to all things “vintage” have emerged as one strong catering trend, namely tea parties. LA Downtown News sums up the trend in their 2013 forecast, dubbing it “there’s no place like home.”