Announces Huge Discounts on Their Gas Cooker & Rice Cooker Range

With an array of products available at discount prices and with timely delivery, promises a cost-effective, convenient and safe online shopping experience to all customers in Sri Lanka. The online store has recently added a new range of Rice Cookers, Gas Cookers and Hand Blenders in their stock and offers them at significantly discount prices. Announces Price Discounts on Different Types of Travel Irons & Steam Irons for Sri Lankan Customers presents portable, handy and easy to use irons for people to quickly iron a dress and get ready for office, party or any other occasion. They have irons from reputed brands like Sokany and WICK and which come with the guarantee of quality, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. Besides irons, they also have handheld steamers in the stock for online shoppers in Sri Lanka.

Laabai.Lk Presents a Spectacular Array of Baking Ware for Sri Lankan Customers at Discount Prices

There are people who are fond of cooking and baking different products. For all such culinary enthusiasts, now brings an impressive range of baking ware. These products are durable and unbreakable and are available at discounts of 50% or above.

A Significant Range of Stand Fans & Wall Fans Is Selling Cheap at Laabai.Lk

To beat the summer heat in Sri Lanka, customers can now purchase a wide variety of electric fans that is offering at discount prices. They have different types of fans that customers can use in home, offices, shops and other places. All these fans are from the leading brands, like Boston, Aiko, and Kundhan, and come with a quality guarantee. Brings Great Bargains on the Entertainment Section, a renowned name when it comes to offering wide range of products at most reasonable prices, is now offering best competitive discounts and deal on the entertainment section. The store is offering attractive promotional offers on big brands such as Sony and Samsung among others. The promotional deals are valid for Blu ray players ( and home theater systems ( Buyers can find exciting deals on LED TVs ( Samsung TVs (, Sony TVs (, as well.

Laabai.Lk Releases New Cool Gadgets in the Home Electronics Market today announced the release of most cool gadgets in the home electronics segment. The online store is also offering money saving deals on a number of products including portable DVD players (, webcams (, external hard drives (, power banks ( and motherboards ( among other.